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Plant Information

Get to know our selection of Beautiful Plants.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Butterfly Variegated Japanese Maple

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

Dodonaea Viscosa Purpurea (Purple Hopseed Bush)

Emperor Japanese Maple

Tiger Eye Flowering Maple

Gingko Biloba

Hibiscus Multi-Petal Pink

Lemon Cypress Tree

Leptospermum Pink and Red


Mini Olive Non Fruiting

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Variegatum

Potato Tree

Prunus Caroliniana

Red Japanese Maple

Sango Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Smoke Tree

Tecomaria capensis

Thuja Italian Cypress Tree

Wisteria Purple

Callistemon Bottle Brush

Abelia Miss Lemon

Abelia X Grandiflora

Azalea Purple, White, Pink

Black Pearl Redbud Tree

Blue Oat Grass

Butterfly Bush

Buxus Green Beauty

Camellia Pink

Carpet Roses White, Pink and Red

Chicken Salvia California

Escallonia Dark Pink

Euryops "Bush Daisy"

Festuca Elijah Blue


Society Garlic Tulbaghia violacea


Hebe Coed

Horsetail Reed

Hydrangea Plants

Lantana Purple and White

Lavandula Goodwin Creek Common Name Lavender

Lavandula Grosso Common Name French Lavender

Lavandula Munstead Common Name Lavender

Lomandra Breeze

Loropetalum C. Purple Majesty

Manzanita Dr. Hurd

Mexican Feather Grass

Myoporum White and Pink

Nandina Blush Pink

Nandina Domestica

Nandina Firepower Dwarf

Penstemon Red and Purple

Pittosporum Nigra

Pittosporum Silver Sheen

Pittosporum Tobira

Plumbago Royal Cape

Purple Fountain Grass

Rosemary Blue Spires

Rosemary Prostratus

Rosemary Blue Spires

Salvia Hot Lips

Salvia Leucantha

Salvia Leucantha Santa Barbara

Salvia Russian Sage

Star Jasmine

Verbena Purple and Pink

Vinca Minor Blue

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